Sent From Feature: How does it work?

Loop & Tie’s Sent From feature allows you to send gifts on behalf of team members and keep them in the loop on their gifts' status.

📝 Sent From is available in Premium and Enterprise subscriptions only. If you'd like to upgrade, check out our plans and pricing

What does the Sent From feature do? 

Sent From, sometimes called 'Stakeholder Reporting,' allows you to send gifts on behalf of another team member while keeping them informed about their gifts' status and thank you notes. Each week, the email address listed as your 'Sent From' will receive a rollup report of all their gift activity, without ever having to log into Loop & Tie or become a user. 

⚠️ Using the 'Sent From' feature does not change the delivery email address of your gifts. By default, all gifts are delivered by '' To change this, check out Email Domain White Labeling.

How to use Sent From

Sent From is used by uploading recipients via spreadsheet in the send-a-gift workflow. 'Sent From' is an included column in our recipient upload spreadsheet when you download the template as a Premium or Enterprise user. 

For more details on using the bulk upload/import recipients feature, see this article.

What happens after I send the gifts?

The first time gifts are sent on a Gift Sender’s behalf they receive a Welcome email from Loop & Tie. The email lets them know thank you notes are heading their way, who the Gift Creator is, and gives them the opportunity to see an activity report.

Of course, there is an opt-out. If the Gift Sender doesn’t want to receive emails about this, they can easily opt-out

How will the Gift Sender know the status of the gifts?

Gift Senders will receive a weekly update email to help them track recipient activity. Updates will include recent activity - including who has selected a gift - and a list of recipients that could use a personal follow-up.

From within the update email, Gift Senders can also click a link to see All Time Gift Activity, and toggle to the Recipient Inactivity report as well. This gives Gift Senders a centralized reporting view. No need to send an email to the Gift Creator asking for a status update!

Will Gift Senders get an email every time someone sends gifts on their behalf?

We’re not a fan of clogging your inbox, but we think being informed is key. When a new set of gifts is sent out by a Gift Creator, the Gift Sender will get a simple email letting them know gifts were sent, and who put in the work of getting them created and sent!