How do I add credits to my account?

I want to add credits to my account to send gifts. How do I do that?

What is a credit?

Credits (aka Loop & Tie Credits) are currency for sending gifts. 1 LT Credit = $1.00 USD.  You can learn more about LT Credits here!

How do I add credits to my account?

1. Click "Account Settings" at the bottom of your lefthand panel menu

2. Choose the "Billing" tab, then click "Add LT Credits"

Add Credit 1@2x

3. Select the number of credits you'd like to add. You can also enter a custom number.

Add Credit 2@2x
4. Select your payment method. If you have a credit card on file, you'll be able to move directly to check out. If not, you can add one during this step. 

You may choose to request an invoice instead of paying by credit card, in which case it may take up to 48 hours before you can access your credits. If you need to start using your credits right away, we recommend paying with a credit card. 

📝 Keep in mind, when gifts your send are canceled or expire, credits totaling the same amount you spent on those gifts will be automatically added back into your account.

That means you may have a credit balance you didn't add directly; don't worry, this is normal. You can now re-use those credits to send new gifts.