What are Loop & Tie Credits?

My account shows that I have available credits; what are they?

Credits 2@2x

Loop & Tie credits are gifting currency; 1 Credit = $1 USD. That means if you have 25 credits in your account, you can send a $25 gift without spending additional money. 

Do I need to have credits in my account to send gifts?

Nope! You can always pay for gifts with a credit card at check out. That being said, we recommend adding credit to your account in advance; it's a great way to keep track of your total gifting budget and how much you've spent so far!

What if I have 20 credits but I'm sending the $50 Collection? 

While it's always possible to add credits before you start sending gifts, if your credit balance is lower than your cost at checkout we'll apply your credits first. You can cover the rest with a credit card!

I paid with a credit card... where did all these Loop & Tie credits come from? đź‘€

When the gifts you send aren't redeemed by their recipient— either because their gift link expired or you canceled the gift— the gift value automatically gets returned to your account in the form of credits. You can use that cash to send a little more joy out into the world (or just resend a gift to your original recipient).