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How do I access Platform Gift balance?

Gift Send Balance:

Active Loop & Tie platform license customers will see a separate call-out for available "Platform Gift Sends", along with the expiration date of their current platform license, at the top of their "Account Settings" tab:

Sending Platform Collections:

Custom collections containing a customer's own branded products do not cost Loop & Tie credits to send; rather, the platform balance is debited one "gift send" for each recipient (e.g. a Platform order with 30 recipients costs 30 Platform Gift Sends).

A flag indicating that the collection being sent is a "Platform" collection is shown in the header of the "Send a Gift" flow for applicable orders:

The number of gift sends being debited by the order is indicated at checkout:

Please note that you must have a positive balance of sends and an active (i.e. not expired) license to successfully complete your order:

Activity Table:

Users can also access a dedicated table of platform license activity via the Account Settings tab:

This table displays available platform gift sends, the date the license expires, and a breakdown of all activity related to the management of platform license gift sends, including contract start and expiration, balance debit activity, and manual actions taken by the Loop & Tie team: