How do I use the Thank You note feature?

Here's how to view, respond to, and see response statuses on your thank you notes.

Thank You Note Report | Response Status | Respond to Note

The Thank You Note feature allows your gift recipients to respond to their gift, or "re-engage" with you, the sender. This is a powerful moment; thank you notes give you a second opportunity to reach out! 

Where can I see all the Thank You notes?

There are two places you can view your thank you notes in the Loop & Tie portal.

On the dashboard

1. Log into your Loop & Tie portal. You should land on your dashboard. If not, choose "Dashboard" at the top of your lefthand panel menu.

2. Scroll down. Thank You Notes appear directly under the "gift utilization" panel

TY Notes@2x

In the Thank You Notes report

1. Click the 'Reports' dropdown on your lefthand panel menu

2. Select 'Thank You Notes'

3. All thank you notes will be visible as an exportable list. You can also see and filter by your response status, filter by sender, and filter by time frame

Asset 12

How do I know if anyone responded to the Thank You note?

If the "Responded" Column is darkened, you or someone on your team responded to the Thank You note. 

📝 If you responded directly to the recipient via email, that will not be captured in your Dashboard. We highly recommend you respond via the Dashboard response tool.

How do I respond to a Thank You note?

  1. Click "Respond" on the right-hand column of the Thank You Notes report page
  2. Once on the recipient activity page, you can respond via the 'send a message' box towards the bottom of the page 

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 5.00.01 PM

Responding via your dashboard is a great way to ensure you're keeping track of the entire gifting lifecycle. We recommend managing your response from here!