What is a Campaign Engagement Score?

Better yet: how can you improve it?

How is the Campaign Engagement Score calculated?

Your Campaign Engagement Score is an amalgamated score that takes into account your Open Rate, Redemption Rate, and Re-Engagement Rates. Basically, a great metric to understand the overall effectiveness of your gift campaign with its recipients.

What's a good Campaign Engagement Score? 

We love this question, but it requires a bit of context; specifically, what kind of campaign you're running.

If your campaign is sending welcome kits to event registrants, for example, you can generally expect to see an engagement score of ≥8.

Conversely, if you're running a cold outreach program to generate demos for your sales team, it's not unusual to see a score ≤6. 

If your score has fallen below a 4, we'd love to help! Reach out to your Sales Representative or Account Manager so we can work with you to optimize your campaign. 

How can I Increase my Campaign Engagement Score?

If you're looking for a quick boost, we recommend reviewing your subject lines! Testing 2-3 subject lines and comparing their performance in the "Performance by Subject Line" panel in the campaign's dashboard can help you understand the best way to get more opens. 

💡 You can also 'hack' this feature to test gift messages! Keep your subject lines as similar as possible, then measure your gift message performance by "click rate" between variants.