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What can an account Owner do?

And what's the difference between an Owner and a member?

Owners have ultimate control of payments and billing in the account, and are able to manage members and teams. 

That means Owners can:

- Add and remove credit card payment methods

- Request invoices

- Add, change, and delete members (all accounts)

- Add, change, and delete Teams (Enterprise accounts)

Owners also receive our monthly credit expiration emails, to ensure you have ample time to use expiring credits before they're deducted from your balance. 

Owners in Enterprise/Teams
In Enterprise accounts where a Teams structure is in place, Parent Organization Owners control payment methods for all Teams and can add and remove credits from individual Teams in the account. Parent Organization Owners can also manage members in any Team.

Team Owners can control their team's payment methods if they have been granted that permission by a Parent Organization Owner. Team Owners have the ability to add, change, and delete members of their team, but cannot influence membership of other teams or the parent organization.