The Salesforce App says I'm an unauthorized user - how do I fix this?

Users are receiving error messages saying they are unauthorized.

Any team members who wish to use Loop & Tie for Salesforce must link their individual Loop & Tie accounts to their Salesforce accounts before they are able to send gifts. When users initiate their first gift send via the Loop & Tie for Salesforce app, they will be prompted to enter their Loop & Tie credentials from within Salesforce. 

If you receive an error message indicating you are unauthorized: 

  1. Confirm you have created a Loop & Tie account. If you were invited by another team member, make sure you accepted the invite and created a password. Try using your login credentials here - if it does not work, your Loop & Tie account is not set up properly.

  2. If you can’t log in here, reset your password here.

  3. Once your password is reset, confirm it by accessing your Loop & Tie account directly at 

  4. If that works, try to authenticate your account again via Salesforce by using your newly set password.