Using Teams on Loop & Tie

Enterprise subscribers can create and manage individual teams within a single account. Here's how it works.

📝 Teams are only available with a Loop & Tie Enterprise subscription. Ready to upgrade? Check out our plans and pricing.

Why Teams? 

The Teams feature allows account administrators to get both a holistic view of their gifting program performance and individual views of team gifting program performance, with team members and owners empowered to view, filter, and manage their segmented gifting data. Teams also gives administrators options in how payments and credits are managed on the team level. 

On top of new feature capabilities, Enterprise accounts can now add unlimited users to their account, as well as up to 3 free Teams.

Teams Basics

Teams allows one organization to house multiple distinct teams. Each team's gifting data is unique to them, as well as their campaigns, creative assets, collections, and payment methods (if set this way by an administrator). 

In a teams set up, one unit will act at the "parent organization;" the organization that oversees account-wide gifting data and has ultimate control of settings and configuration of teams within the account. This can be a single business unit or a separate organization umbrella. 

Adding Teams to Your Portal

1. Once logged into your account, click "account settings" on the bottom of the lefthand panel menu

Add new teams 3

2. From the Account Settings page, choose "Teams" from the lefthand menu

3. From the Teams settings page, choose "Add new team" on the top right of the information panel

Add New Team 2

4. Choose your new team's name, icon color, and how their payments will be managed, then click "Create Team"

Create New Team 2

5. Your new team will now be available in the Teams dropdown on the top right of your portal

Team Complete 2

Credit/Payment Management in Teams

In the teams structure, parent organization administrators can choose between three ways for individual teams to manage credits. 

Team manages their own credits and payment methods

Teams with this setting can add their own credit cards or request their own invoices. Any credits purchased by that team will be unique to them; they cannot be used by or transferred to another team. 

Team uses organization credits and payment methods

Teams with this setting will be able to pull from the organization's credits (both gift credits and platform credits) like a pool; credits will be deducted from the parent org any time a gift is sent, and there are no limits on teams to how many credits they can use or how many times the credit card can be charged.

Team can use assigned credits only

In this setting, an administrator of the parent organization can choose how many of the organizations credits are distributed to each team. Any credits that are assigned to a team will be deducted from the organization's credit balance. Teams may not pull from each other's credit balances or the parent organization's remaining credit balance.