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Meet the New Loop & Tie Portal (July 2022)

We've made some small changes to your Loop & Tie dashboard. Here's what to expect.

New Dash 2

POV: You just logged in and things look... pretty different. Don't panic! Most of the changes to your dashboard are aesthetic, and won't affect how you use Loop & Tie day to day. Here's what went down: 

Fresh New Colors

We want your visits to the Loop & Tie dashboard to be a zen experience. The dashboard's new colors haven't changed any functionality; we just hope you think they're pretty. 

Truncated Lefthand Panel Menu

If your account has an Enterprise license, your meeting scheduler and survey tools have been moved to the "redemption tools" dropdown in the lefthand panel menu. 

Account Settings

Access your account settings from the bottom of your lefthand panel menu

Changing Portals
If you have access to more than one Loop & Tie account, you can switch to your other portals by visiting Account Settings -> Organization and choosing your destination portal from the "Change Organization" dropdown.

Credit Balance

Your gift credit balance is now available at a glance on the top left side of your portal. Your platform credit balance can now be found in the "billing" tab under account settings

Personal Credit Cards

Team members can now save a credit card at the user-level; great for multiple functions using the same account in Loop & Tie

Organization Name & Member Icons

Your organizations name now appears on the top left of your portal. If you're an Enterprise license holder, this is also where you can change teams, add teams, and manage teams. Team members will appear as icons next to the organization name / Teams dropdown

Change Teams in the Send a Gift workflow

If you're an Enterprise license holder with multiple teams in your organization, now you can choose which team you want to gift from in the first stage of the "send a gift" workflow. Note: logged-in users can only choose from teams in their organization they have access to.