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How do I send gifts to recipients outside of the United States?

Your gifts just became international jetsetters. Here's how to send gifts to recipients around the world.

Standard International Collections

Loop & Tie's Standard International Collections include:

These collections are freely available to all users, including those with 'Free' licenses.

The price of international collections is 100% all-inclusive and reflective of the price you'll see at checkout. That means the cost of the following is included in the collection's tag price:

  • Shipping

  • Fulfillment

  • Taxes

  • Import Duties

What countries do you ship to?

Standard International Collections can be shipped worldwide, with the exceptions of North Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Iran, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. 

What if I want to send a lower-priced international collection?

Custom International Collections are available to all Loop & Tie users with Essentials licenses and above.

While we may be able to create a custom international collection that suits your price point, collections outside of our standard offerings may be subject to a separate, additional deposit, used to cover import duties associated with those gifts. 

Do my recipients have to pay duties or fees upon receiving their gift? 

Nope! Duties are baked into the gift cost of our standard International Collections; we'll handle them on our side before they ever reach your recipient. 

In some cases, customs may still attempt to charge recipients directly. We inform the recipient in advance through multiple email communications about how to handle any forms or bills they may receive upon receiving their gift. In the unlikely case your recipient receives a bill, they should contact us at hello@loopandtie.com so we can handle it for them.

How do gifts clear customs?

All international orders will be shipped with a Commercial Invoice document included. However, Customs may reach out during the clearance process for other information/documentation requests. These are most commonly: Identification Requests and Know Your Customer (KYC) form. In the unlikely case your recipient receives a request to complete a form, they should contact us at hello@loopandtie.com with any questions on how to fill it out.