Adding Legal & Compliance Language to Your Gifts

Our legal & compliance suite lets you customize legal disclosures to display on the Address Form page.

📝 The Loop & Tie Legal Suite is an Enterprise feature. If you're ready to upgrade, check out our plans and pricing

Adding customized disclosures is a great way to make sure your Loop & Tie gifts comply with your company's policies for data, privacy and gifting. 

Before you get started: Only users that are designated as Owners in your Loop & Tie account can use this feature. If you don't have an Owner role, please reach out to an Owner on your account to make changes or update your permissions. 

What legal & compliance language can I add? 

Fine print language appears on the Address Form page, after a recipient has selected their gift. Each field can be turned “On” or “Off.”

1. Primary Address Form Disclosure: Language that appears below the “Confirm” button on this page.

2. Secondary Address Form Disclosure: Language that appears at the bottom of the page.

3. Estimated Gift Value and Expiration Date: Once set, these will appear below the Primary Disclosure language

How to use the legal & compliance suite

1. Click 'Account Settings' on the bottom of the lefthand panel menu in your Loop & Tie portal 

2. Click 'Fine Print' on the lefthand side. 

💡 Don't see the 'Fine Print' tab? You may not be an Owner in your account; you can check by clicking on the 'Members' tab in Account Settings. If you're not an Owner, contact the Owner on your account to make changes or update your permissions. 

Alternatively, your account may not have an Enterprise subscription. You can view the plan you're on in the 'Organization' tab in Account Settings. 

3. On the 'Fine Print' page, you'll have access to add your Primary and Secondary address form disclosures, as well as toggle the 'Estimated Gift Value' and 'Gift Expiration Date features on or off. 


4. Once you've entered your disclosures and chosen whether to display your collection value and expiration date, click 'Preview' on the top right of the Fine Print screen. This will open a new window. Here, you'll be able to see the language you entered and additional info you toggled on. 

Addres Page

5. Click back to your Loop & Tie portal. If you're satisfied with your entries, click 'Publish' on the top right. 

6. Your legal language will now be included for all recipients