Adding Users to Your Account

Gifting is better with friends! Here's how to add your teammates to your Loop & Tie account.

Before you get started, make sure your account isn't already at its user limit.

Each subscription level comes with a different number of users. Here's how many your plan starts with: 

Free Accounts: 1 User
Essentials Accounts: 2 Users
Premium Accounts: 5 Users
Enterprise Accounts: Unlimited Users

You can add additional users to your account at any time. Either purchase more seats via the 'Billing' tab in your account settings, or contact your Account Manager to add more users. 

Inviting your team

  1. In your Portal, select "Account Settings" at the bottom of your lefthand panel menu. 

  2. Navigate to the "Members" tab, then click "Invite Members"

Add Members 1

3. Add addresses & choose whether each person is a 'member' or 'owner.' 

Add Members 2

4. Press 'Enter' or click 'Invite Members'

your team member MUST confirm their account and set up their password in order to use Loop & Tie and start sending gifts.