How do I change the expiration date of gifts that have already been sent?

Need to shorten or extend the expiration timeline for gifts in 'sent' or 'scheduled' status? Here's what to do.

Great news! Changing the expiration date for gifts that have already been sent is super easy.

Start by visiting your Loop & Tie portal. From there: 

1. From the lefthand panel menu, select "Reports" and then "Orders" 

2. Click on the order number of the order that contains the gift(s) you'd like to change the expiration date for


3. On the orders detail page, scroll to the "Recipients" panel

4. Select the gift(s) whose expiration date(s) you'd like to update

5. Click "Edit Expiration"


6. Use the calendar to select the new date you'd like these gifts to expire

7. Click "Apply"

Select new date

8. All selected gifts will be updated, and their new expiration date will be reflected in the recipients panel 🎉